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New Life Best-X-DC with Tim-X

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  • The new configuration of the Best-X-DC involves the use of the Tim – X handheld to control exposure parameters.
  • The 0.3 mm Focal Point allows to obtain radiographs with more details with any type of film, and of sensors, minimizing the exposure time / emitted dose.
  • The latest generation of the Tim – X handheld radio-frequency device, thanks to its ergonomic shape, allows the radiological unit to be controlled in maximum safety, ensuring ease of use.
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New Life Evolution 3000

A simple, Bullet proof X-ray set that we have been installing for over 20 years. No nonsense digital compatible timer and rectangular colimator. We’ve lost count on how many we have sold.

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Digital Sensors

  • Clear quality image
  • rapid exposure time, instantly on screen no processing
  • available in sizes 0,1,2
  • Replaceable cable – main point of failure
  • Quality backup and support
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Satalec PSPix plate scanner

  • Exclusive concept “click and scan”
  • Amazing compact size
  • Optimal hygiene barrier
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Satalec X mind

  • Reliable DC or AC generators
  • Shorter exposure times with DC generator
  • Programble timer and digital compatible
  • 4,80,110cm reach arms for different installation options
  • 395 degree rotation around the vertical axis
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OPT – Ceph – CBCT

  • We supply and support a wide range of digital OPT-Ceph and CBCT X-ray units.
  • Full backup and support packages available
  • Dedicated support centre
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