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DCI Series 5 Ambidextrious

  • Ambidextrious Dental Package
  • 3 auto HP Outlets, Syringe
  • Auto LED Operating light with Anti Cure Facility
  • Spittoon with Bowl rinse, cup fill
  • Hydraulic Programmable chair with Rotating Arm rests, Double Articulating Headrest
  • Durr Spittoon Valve
  • 5 Year Warranty

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MDS Autoclaves

  • Rapid Type B Vacuum Cycle
  • Multiple cycle Choice
  • Built in Tests & Validation
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Built in Printer
  • Drying cycle
  • Fully Inclusive Rental (Service,Validation, Testing inc ) pay by monthly DD
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Mocom Tethys 10 Plus

  • Water, ultrasound, heat and hot air for fast and certified treatment.
  • Tethys 10 Plus is an EN ISO 15883-1/2-certified medical device with spray washing, ultrasound cleaning action.
  • 90’ C thermal disinfection stage characterised by an outstanding value of AO=3000.
  • The procedure is completed with a stream of hot air that perfectly dries the instruments
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W&H Products


Air motors

Reprocessing Equipment

Ultrasonic Scalers

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Miglionico Nice Glass

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4 Year Warranty

Chair with Joystick multifunction control, 3 axis Articulating headrest
Chair mounted Halogen faro light auto on/off at operator position.
Doctors Element – 2 high speed fibre optic handpiece outlets, 3 in 1 syringe, Multifunction touch pad for chair functions with digital display – smooth Glass control panel.
Spittoon with cup fill/ bowl rinse removable pipes for autoclaving.
Assistants console with chair functions, HVE suction & SE suction hoses.
Clean water system


Durr spittoon Valve – Bien air electric Micromotor – Satalec Ultrasonic Scaler – Faro LED Operating light

Colour Options available

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New Life Best-X-DC with Tim-X

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  • The new configuration of the Best-X-DC involves the use of the Tim – X handheld to control exposure parameters.
  • The 0.3 mm Focal Point allows to obtain radiographs with more details with any type of film, and of sensors, minimizing the exposure time / emitted dose.
  • The latest generation of the Tim – X handheld radio-frequency device, thanks to its ergonomic shape, allows the radiological unit to be controlled in maximum safety, ensuring ease of use.
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NSK Handpieces

Full range of NSK Handpieces available for direct supply , contra angles to led hi speed Handpieces.

as a progressive Company and keen to secure your business, NSK have offers running throughout the year. Please feel free to contact us about them

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